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Dr Johan Hartshorne

clinic location Tyger Valley, South Africa
from 63 $

Professor Johan Hartshorne is a renowned specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. With 34 years of professional experience, he currently practices at the Intercare Medical Center in …

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Crooke & Laguna

clinic location Marbella, Spain
free 0 $

Crooke&Laguna Dental Clinic is located in Malaga, Spain. With more than ten years of experience in general and cosmetic care, it fascinates local and foreign patients with its high quality …

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clinic location Krakow, Poland
from 28 $

DENTestetica Clinic was established in 2003 in Krakow, Poland. With a long experience in the field of dental health, it provides excellent care and treatment for local and foreign patients. …

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clinic location Istanbul, Turkey
from 27 $

MegaDentist is a dental center that opened its doors since 2005 in Ankara and then in Istanbul, Turkey. It has revolutionized medical services in the field of dental health with …

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Rose Dental Clinic

clinic location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
from 18 $

Rose Dental Clinic is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since its founding, it has been committed to providing excellent dental care to patients of all ages. Its philosophy …

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clinic location Hanoi, Vietnam
from 13 $

Hanoi-Sydney is a private clinic located in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is renowned for its modern care in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry that it offers to international …

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clinic location Izmir, Turkey
from 20 $

WestDental Clinic is an ultra modern dental clinic located in Izmir, Turkey. It provides all kinds of dental care at very competitive prices, especially for international patients.

WestDental's specialist practitioners …

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Liberty Dental Clinic

clinic location Tijuana, Mexico
from 45 $

Liberty Dental Clinic is a private dental center located in Tijuana, Mexico. It provides local and foreign patients with the highest quality treatments at unbeatable prices. 

General, cosmetic and surgical …

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Marietta Dental Solutions

clinic location Los Algodones, Mexico
from 108 $

Marietta Dental Solutions is a clinic located in Los Algodones, Mexico. This is the highest point in the north of the country, on the border with the United States. It …

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Kitcha Dental Clinic

clinic location Chiang Mai, Thailand
from 108 $

Kitcha Dental Center is one of the largest dental clinics in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a modern and well-equipped clinic that provides quality general, cosmetic and preventive dental care …

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