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DENTestetica Clinic was established in 2003 in Krakow, Poland. With a long experience in the field of dental health, it provides excellent care and treatment for local and foreign patients.

In an area of 300 square meters, fully equipped operating rooms and a digital radiography center, DENTestetica offers a wide range of treatments. This medical institution uses the latest computer-controlled anesthesia systems (The WAND STA) as well as a range of new technologies. Thanks to this, its talented technicians are able to perform crowns, inlays or onlays in a single day. It is the only clinic in Krakow that provides such services in its own in-house laboratory.

The medical team and staff at DENTestetica pay special attention to patient satisfaction. They are committed to providing a healthy and natural smile thanks to their expertise and know-how in this field. All dentists hold doctorates in medical sciences. They are also active university teachers and lecturers at the international level. In addition, a staff of assistants and hygienists ensures the best possible process and guarantees strict quality control.

Therefore, you can enjoy all types of interventions in optimal and safe conditions, including:

- Bone grafting

- Dental implants

- Digital smile design

- Tooth Whitening

- Pediatric Dentistry

- Periodontics

- Orthodontics

- Endodontics

- Local anesthesia

Learn more about this clinic and the range of dental care reserved for you. Just contact our customer service to get all the information you need. Also, you can schedule an appointment or an initial consultation online directly on our MyTripMed website.


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5 Doctors Available

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Dr Andrzej Gala

Specialist in aesthetic dentistry, with extensive experience in dental prostheses. Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Active member of the British General Dental Council (GDC).

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Dr Katarzyna Manai

Specialist in general, conservative and endodontic dentistry, graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Appreciated by international patients for her kindness and enthusiasm.

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Dr Marcin Dylag

Specialist in aesthetic and maxillofacial dental surgery, graduated from Jagiellonian University, Poland. Member of the Polish Dental Association and the Polish Society of Implantology. Expert in implantology.M

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Dr Aneta Furtak

Specialist in preventive dentistry and periodontics, graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Author of several scientific publications and active member of the Polish Dental Society.

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Dr Magdalena Orczykowska

Specialist in prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry, in particular prostheses and dental implants. Also a lecturer at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, from where she graduated.

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