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clinic location New Delhi, India
from 72 $

Dentally is the best dental clinic in New Delhi, India, and the only one that takes an organic approach to treatment. It offers comprehensive services in a luxurious environment at …

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Destination Dentistry

clinic location Calangute, India
from 72 $

Destination Dentistry is a family owned and operated dental center that provides quality treatment to patients of all ages in Goa, India. It is the ultimate choice for foreign visitors …

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Beverly Wilshire

clinic location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
from 320 $

Beverly Wilshire is a dental clinic located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Innovative and ultra-modern, it offers high-end treatments with state-of-the-art technology and internationally renowned experts. 

Visitors from all over the …

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clinic location Bucharest, Romania
from 150 $

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, the private clinic offers a variety of high quality dental treatments. Located in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, it combines professional services with low …

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Dr Johan Hartshorne

clinic location Tyger Valley, South Africa
from 221 $

Professor Johan Hartshorne is a renowned specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. With 34 years of professional experience, he currently practices at the Intercare Medical Center in …

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Jehova Rafa

clinic location Curridabat, Costa Rica
from 90 $

Jehova Rafa Private Dental Center is located in beautiful Costa Rica, a must-see destination for medical tourism. It combines the beauty of nature, the luxury of hotels and the quality …

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All Smiles Dentist

clinic location Cape Town, South Africa
from 290 $

All Smiles Dentist is a private clinic specializing in general, surgical and cosmetic dentistry located in the heart of Century City. It caters to the needs of patients of all …

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OkutanDis Halkali

clinic location Istanbul, Turkey
from 119 $

OkutanDis Halkali is a private clinic opened by the Okutan family of dentists in Istanbul, Turkey. It is among the first to specialize in pedodontics and to provide healthy and …

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clinic location Izmir, Turkey
from 61 $

WestDental Clinic is an ultra modern dental clinic located in Izmir, Turkey. It provides all kinds of dental care at very competitive prices, especially for international patients.

WestDental's specialist practitioners …

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from 30 $

Dr. Răpcău Daniel operates in his own modern Radent clinic located in the heart of the city of Arad, in western Romania. Thanks to his passion for this profession, the …

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