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OkutanDis Halkali is a private clinic opened by the Okutan family of dentists in Istanbul, Turkey. It is among the first to specialize in pedodontics and to provide healthy and beautiful smiles to people of all ages.

In fact, patient comfort and quality of services provided are the main objectives of this brand. Founded by two dentists who have over 35 years of experience in the field, it engages in a satisfaction strategy based on high-end care. This could include:

- Cosmetic dentistry

- Fixed and mobile prosthesis

- Endodontics

- Pediatric dentistry 

- Gum disease 

- Oral Diseases

- Laser treatments 

- Tooth Whitening

- General anesthesia in dentistry

Among the good reasons that have contributed to the reputation of this clinic in Turkey and abroad, we can mention: 

- Collaboration with experienced and dedicated medical staff for quality improvement 

- The absolute respect of the hygienic conditions and the prevention of contagious diseases 

- Use of the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry  

- Use of internationally certified equipment to minimize the risk of failure during surgery 

- Partnership with the largest laboratories in Turkey

In 2015, the OkutanDis Halkali brand opened its first polyclinic exclusively specialized in children's dental health. It offers several types of services such as panoramic radiography, orthodontics and volume tomography. It also has a conference room that can accommodate up to 30 people for meetings and presentations. 

In this professional and friendly environment, local and international patients are taken care of in the best conditions. So if you would like to reserve your place, please contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. We will be happy to help you get a free quote or schedule a consultation online.


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Dr Nalan Okutan

Specialist in general and aesthetic dentistry, graduated from the University of Istanbul in Turkey. She is the co-founder of the private polyclinic OkutanDis Halkali with her husband, Dr. Bulent Okutan.

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Dr Serhan Okutan

Specialist in orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial dental surgery, graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey. Doctor certified in Invisalign treatment. He speaks English, German and Turkish.

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Dr Serra Okutan

Specialist in maxillofacial surgery with a particular interest in dental prostheses. Graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey. Friendly and always smiling, she treats patients of all ages.

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