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One of the polyclinics of YeşilYurt chain, this medical center is located in the Bozyaka district of Izmir, Turkey. It opened its doors since 2015 to ensure healthy teeth and a sublime smile for patients of all ages.

This world-renowned brand stands out for its modern, ultra-equipped premises that it reserves for dental care. It also draws its reputation from the expertise of its specialist practitioners and the latest technologies they use. In addition to medical, surgical and cosmetic operations, the clinic also provides dental health care. For this purpose, all treatments related to gums, cavities, bad breath and periodontal diseases are available. 

The most advantageous thing is that Yeşilyurt clinic in Bozyaka has its own in-house laboratory. This allows the preparation of crowns, prostheses and implants in a faster way by expert professionals and technicians. 

In fact, during the first free consultation with one of the licensed dentists, the latter develops a care plan according to the case examined. After the operation, the medical team stays in contact with the patient to assist him and ensure the perfection of the result. This allows the patient to spend his recovery period surrounded by friendly and knowledgeable people.

For all these reasons, this clinic welcomes foreign visitors from all over the world every year. It guarantees them an exceptional experience because it not only takes care of their appearance, but also their health. 

Contact us immediately if you would like more information about Bozyaka's Yeşilyurt services. Our qualified staff will be happy to assist you to get a complete idea about the rates and treatment procedures. Likewise, we help you to get a free online consultation or a quote.


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Dr Hasim Ural

Specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry including smile design, fillings and root canal treatment. Graduated from Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey. Speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr Ceylan Saygili

Dental surgeon specialized in orthodontics and endodontics, very gifted in the complete restoration of the mouth. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ege, Turkey. Fluent in English.

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Dr Samet Kaan Ozturk

Dental surgeon specializing in endodontics, full mouth restoration, prostheses and dental implants. A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Ege, Turkey, he speaks English and Turkish.

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