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Thind Dental Clinic in Ludhiana, India offers a wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments to meet both simple and complex needs. The clinic focuses on patient comfort and offers the best value for money. 

This brand name has earned its reputation from its founder, Dr. Rajanbir Singh Thind. He is one of the most talented specialists in the country, earning the trust and satisfaction of local and foreign patients. He offers them personalized care plans that more closely meet their expectations. With 30 years of experience in the field, he provides modern solutions to their dental health problems.

He is always accompanied by highly qualified doctors who use the latest techniques to provide healthy and durable teeth. Whether it is for complex implants or a whitening procedure, the results are safe and successful. 

Thind Dental Clinic particularly specializes in cosmetic dental care that gives the patient a beautiful smile. To achieve this, the entire medical staff works closely together with high standards of safety and hygiene. They are continuously trained and supervised by Dr. Thind in order to keep up with the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques.

This is why the clinic provides a wide range of high quality services, such as: 

- Crowns and bridges

- Fixed partial dentures

- Removable partial dentures

- Extraction of wisdom teeth

- Endodontics

- Smile design

- Orthodontics

- Full Denture

- Scaling and cleaning

- Dental implants

- Root canal treatment

These different treatments are available to all family members at rates that fit all budgets.

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