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Self Hair is an accredited clinic for the provision of hair transplant solutions with recognized quality according to international standards. All operations are performed in a professional manner by medical staff with at least 11 years of experience in the field. 

The famous Dr. Yilmaz Öztorun, Dr. Ozlem Oztorun and Dr. Zulal Erdem are among the most talented. After and before the surgery, the patient is perfectly accompanied and oriented in order to optimize the success of the desired operation. In fact, the medical team answers all these questions and provides the necessary advice depending on the care process undertaken. This could be for hair transplant using the FUE or DHI method, eyebrow transplant, beard transplant or simply a PRP injection.

The structure of the clinic is very stylish and spacious. The treatment rooms are equipped with modern equipment that allows the various treatments to be performed in the best conditions. In addition, the in-house staff is always friendly to ensure a friendly and conducive environment for the well-being of the patient.

For those coming from abroad, dedicated services include transfer to and from the clinic as well as accommodation. Upon arrival, the patient is met at the airport by a driver and transferred to a 5-star hotel. The next day, blood tests are performed in Self Hair's laboratories. One of the specialist surgeons performs the operation in all its stages and also the follow-up before the patient returns to his country. 

This is why visitors from all over the world are encouraged to undergo hair transplant operations in Self Hair. The clinic prioritizes patient satisfaction and ensures that no additional or unexpected expenses are incurred. We are also committed to optimizing communication in all languages by providing interpreters who are always available during the medical stay. 

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Dr. Yilmaz Oztorun

Founder and Chief Hair Surgeon of Self Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey. Hair transplant specialist, with more than 13 years of experience. The doctor speaks English and Turkish.

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