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Sarmed Clinic is a private clinic headed by Associate Professor Murat Sarici. It is one of the most important health institutions performing plastic surgery in Turkey. 

Its founder, Dr. Sarici has a worldwide reputation in his field and is distinguished by his dedication to patient satisfaction. He is known as a talented physician, educator, researcher and lecturer. To this end, he personally supervises all operation processes. In addition, he carefully selects each member of his team of highly qualified nurses and technicians. As for the rest of the general practitioners or specialists, they are highly competent professionals. 

Located in the heart of Bagdat Avenue in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Sarmed Clinic attracts patients from all over the world. It welcomes many people who speak different languages and always strives to provide them with tailor-made services. In fact, it offers them multiple cosmetic surgery treatments at affordable prices, including:

- Breast augmentation and reduction

- Face and neck lift

- Aesthetic of the silhouette

- Arm and buttock lift

- Tummy tuck

- Vaginal aesthetics

- Chin reduction

- Rhinoplasty

- Breast lift

- Gynecomastia

- Forehead lift

Within the framework of medical tourism, Sarmed Clinic's dedicated team welcomes the foreign visitor at the Istanbul airport. Then, it provides an interpreter who speaks his or her native language in order to solve any language problems. It also guarantees the transfer to the hotel in a VIP car and free accommodation throughout the stay. After the desired operation, he will be provided with all the necessary medication and treatment. Finally, he will be monitored and controlled even after his return to his original country to ensure the effectiveness of the result.

So, for all these reasons, we strongly advise you to schedule an online consultation with Dr. Murat Sarici. Contact our customer service to answer your questions and to assist you in the most optimal way.


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Prof. Dr. Murat Sarıcı

Plastic surgeon and CEO of the Sarmed clinic with many years of experience in medical tourism. Known internationally as a renowned physician, clinical researcher and lecturer.

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