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Pranam Dental and Medical Speciality Cinic is a modern and secure clinic located in Bangalore, India. Its highly trained doctors help patients of all ages with dental health and cosmetic dentistry. 

This clinic operates on the strategy of providing satisfaction and comfort in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It relies on a multidisciplinary staff to welcome visitors from around the world. They come to take advantage of the expertise of the various dental surgery specialists and the unbeatable prices. 

Pranam Dental and Medical Speciality Cinic performs all simple and complex operations with the latest techniques, including: 

- Dental implants

- Tooth whitening

- Porcelain veneers

- Complete dentition

- Root canal treatment

- Dental braces

- Children's Dentistry

- Gum smile correction

- Crowns and bridges 

- Wisdom teeth extraction

From a simple check-up, to fillings, to maxillofacial surgery, all needs are treated with care. The doctors are talented and passionate about their work. They place the patient at the center of their concerns and always propose an appropriate treatment plan. In addition, the fees are clear and transparent, allowing for savings of 50-70% on prices compared to other countries.

All members of the medical staff, including assistants and technicians, are committed to providing the highest quality of service. As a result, the smiles achieved often exceed expectations and earn the absolute satisfaction of patients. 

To benefit from this, contact our customer service at MyTripMed now by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you in receiving your free estimate or scheduling an online consultation at Pranam Dental and Medical Speciality Cinic.


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