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Perfect Smile is an Indian dental center with a mission to make a healthy and beautiful smile accessible to everyone. With a team of internationally accredited specialists, it offers an exceptional medical experience to patients of all ages.

A staff of talented doctors in general and cosmetic dentistry uses the latest technology to provide the desired result. In addition, they listen to the needs and give the necessary advice to maintain oral well-being. 

Among the most reputable, we mention Dr. P.S. Lakshmi with her 18 years of career in this field. After graduating from college in India, she moved to Boston, USA to continue her graduate studies. There, she developed her skills by attending numerous international programs in endodontics and prosthodontics (specialty of replacing missing teeth). In 2002, she returned to India to open her own "Perfect Smile" center. Since then, she has been welcoming patients from all over the world to benefit from her expertise and successful results.

Accompanied by the best practitioners and technicians in the country, the surgeon offers a wide range of treatments, including:

- Implants         

- Root canal treatment

- Invisalign treatment

- Gum treatment

- Dentures 

- Tooth Whitening

- Children's dentistry

- Full mouth rehabilitation

- Tooth replacement

- Smile Design

- Wisdom Tooth Extraction

- Smile Hollywood

All of these operations take place in state-of-the-art facilities that are fully equipped and sterile according to international standards. Modern, ergonomic treatment chairs with digital imaging systems ensure immediate and accurate treatment. This atmosphere minimizes patient fear and pain throughout the process.

As a result, our team at MyTripMed invites you to take advantage of these benefits and realize real savings. Request your free quote now to find out the price of your desired surgery.


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