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With more than 22 years of experience in hair transplant, Dr. Özlem Biçer's clinic is one of the most renowned organizations in Turkey. This country is becoming more and more important in the world of cosmetic surgery. 

Indeed, the medical staff guided by the experienced surgeon Özlem Biçer welcomes today patients from all over the world. They feel surrounded by a team of experts and multilingual interpreters dedicated to their satisfaction. These professionals put all their knowledge and love for the profession to transform all expectations into reality.

Therefore, people who wish to have healthy and natural hair should choose this clinic in the heart of the wonderful Istanbul. Indeed, the result is always guaranteed thanks to the proven experience of its founder that she had enriched in the capital of beauty: Paris. Moreover, all the medical staff is continuously trained by Dr. Özlem Biçer who has been presenting a medical program on national television for over three years. Her main goal is to make good hair health accessible to everyone.

To do this, she opened her private clinic in Turkey and equipped with ultra-modern material. As a result, all operations, analyses and post-operative care are carried out in-house in a comfortable and ergonomic room. The surgeon accepts only one patient per day and ensures that her highly qualified and certified nurses perform all procedures. This could be for hair transplant (men and women), beard, eyebrows or body hair transplant

Foreign patients who want to benefit from these services can rely on the clinic of Dr. Özlem Biçer. The clinic takes care of the planning of the operation, hotel reservation, accommodation and transfer during the medical stay. All of this is included in the price quoted for the desired operation free of charge.  

So, now is the time to reserve a place for yourself. Contact us to get your detailed quote online.


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Dr. Ozlem Biçer

Aesthetic surgeon specialized in FUE hair, beard and eyebrow transplant, with 20 years of experience. Graduated from Trakya Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. Speaks English, French and Turkish.

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