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NisbetiyeDent is a dental clinic founded by two talented orthodontists in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. This institution specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including implantology, orthodontics and smile design. Its goal is to ensure the good oral health of its local and international patients at economical rates.

In this clinic, the doctors are experts in various general dental and surgical fields. They are committed to providing personalized services in a friendly environment. They listen carefully to the needs of the patients and respect their rights to have the desired beautiful result.

In addition, all operations at NisbetiyeDent are performed in well-equipped and clean rooms. The materials used are sterile and comply with strict health and hygiene regulations. That is why all the treatments are essentially focused on the comfort and satisfaction of the visitors coming from several countries of the world. 

The excellence and reliability of the process is a major objective for all members of the medical staff of the clinic. The clinic has become one of the most prestigious on the international scene in terms of oral health. Among the range of services available, we mention:

- Dental prostheses

- Porcelain veneers 

- Zirconia crowns

- White dental fillings

- Tooth whitening 

- Dental implants

- Maxillofacial surgery

- Wisdom teeth extraction

- Dental health during pregnancy

If you too would like to take advantage of these benefits, you can count on our team now. With MyTripMed, you ask all the questions that worry you and you receive a free quote on the price of your next treatment. Moreover, our specialists will accompany you throughout the process to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant and economical medical stay.


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Dr Ece Tatar Sidal

Dental surgeon specializing in dental prostheses, graduated from Yeditepe University, Turkey, since 2007. Co-founder of NisbetiyeDent clinic and editor in the Turkish newspaper SOZCU. Speaks German and English.

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Dr Zeynep Tutal

Licensed dental technician and co-founder of NisbetiyeDent Clinic. Graduated from Yeditepe University, Turkey, since 2009. Active member of EDAD (Aesthetic Dentistry Academy). Speaks English and Turkish.

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