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MEVSIMDIS is a dental health clinic founded since 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers a wide range of high quality medical services to local and international patients.

With a team of specialized doctors, nurses and well-trained technicians, this brand is gaining the satisfaction of its patients day by day. Also, it uses the latest technology and equipment to perform the necessary diagnostics and X-rays. This allows all dental treatments to be performed in VIP rooms that ensure comfort and hygiene. Moreover, this establishment always gives confidence and security. This is true for those who come only to check their dental health and for those who request the most complex treatments such as implants. Among the services offered by MEVSIMDIS, we can mention:

- Dentures

- Tooth whitening

- Smile design

- Pediatric Dentistry

- Treatment of gum disease

- Halitosis (bad breath) treatments

- Dental implants

- Endodontics

- Orthodontics

As one of the most talented family of doctors in Turkey, MEVSIMDIS attaches particular importance to the use of the latest solutions. The clinic is constantly developing the latest methods applied in the field of aesthetics of the teeth and mouth. 

The clinic is also interested in international visitors and provides them with comprehensive services. This includes airport pick-up service, VIP transport and hotel accommodation. In addition, a multilingual guide accompanies them throughout their stay to facilitate communication and the process in general. 

So, no matter what type of operation you want, we invite you to get to know this health facility better. Our team at MyTripMed is here to give you all the information you need to get an appointment or a consultation online. Contact us at any time, our advisors will be happy to welcome you by phone, email or chat.


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4 Doctors Available

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Dr Adil Sarac

Specialist in cosmetic dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, graduated from Erzurum ATATÜRK University, Turkey. Active member of the Turkish Dental Association. He is fluent in English.

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Dr Cansu Caliskan

Specialist in general and pediatric dentistry, graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey. Active member of the Turkish Pedodontics Association, she follows training courses on treatments dedicated to children.

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Dr Elif Pisgin

Specialist in general dentistry and orthodontics, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ege, Turkey. An active member of the American Association of Orthodontics, she is fluent in English.

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Dr Nimetullah Yildirim

Specialist in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey. He has participated in several congresses on implantology in Italy, Miami and Dubai.

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