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Luxe Dentistry is a modern and comfortable private clinic located in the beautiful city of Los Algodones, Mexico. It offers general and cosmetic dental treatments to patients of all ages at very attractive prices.

It welcomes its visitors in a new, ultra-equipped facility that provides a luxurious medical experience. Indeed, all simple and complex operations are performed by qualified doctors. In particular, Dr. Jose Manuel Jimenez, who has a 25-year career developed internationally in California, Boston and finally in Los Algodones. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, implantology and full mouth restoration, he is the number one surgeon in smile makeovers. Each year, he performs nearly 5,000 operations for patients from around the world. They come to enjoy natural, successful results at the best value. 

At Luxe Dentistry, all members of the family can have treatments that meet their exact needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Pediatric dentistry 

- Preventive dentistry 

- Orthodontics

- Periodontics

- Root canal treatment

- Complete dental restoration

- Tooth Whitening

- Plummeting 

- Implants

- Veneers

- Crowns

Another strong point of this clinic is that the prices are 50% cheaper than in other countries. In addition to this, the clinic guarantees high quality and full compliance with international hygiene standards. In fact, by choosing this brand, foreign patients have the advantage of enjoying the following privileges:

- Professional dental services and a personalized treatment plan

- An operation performed with safe and sterile equipment in a comfortable treatment room

- Constant communication with a multilingual team for clear and accurate information about the treatment process 

- Post-operative assistance

- Advice on oral hygiene with good daily practices 

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Dr Jose Manuel Jimenez

Dental surgeon specializing in implantology, with experience in California and the United States. Graduated from Michoacán Saint-Nicolas Hidalgo University, Mexico, and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston.

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