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Kadıköy Florence Nightingale is a global reference in health care and medical tourism. Since 1989, this brand has developed “centers of excellence” equipped with the most modern treatment methods in Turkey. 

The hospital has 79 ultra-equipped single rooms for maximum patient comfort. It offers international visitors interventions in all specialties, with in-house diagnostics, radiology, cardiovascular and emergency surgery service. In addition, it has its attached polyclinics, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers dedicated to people of all ages. Added to this is the center for plastic and reconstructive surgery, hair transplant and treatment of obesity.

This is why patients from all over the world prefer this brand to take advantage of its quality services and competitive packages. Among the main reasons to choose Kadıköy Florence Nightingale, we state the following advantages:

·         The ability to provide a wide variety of operations and medical care

·         Advanced technologies

·         Much lower prices for the same service in the patient's home country

In accordance with international health standards, the team receives patients from all over the world, including the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. This is precisely the reason for working with expert practitioners like Dr. Hakan Öçsel. He was selected during the 40th edition of the European Society for Surgical Research in 2005 for his thesis on wound healing. In 2012, this thesis was also accepted by "The American Journal of Experimental Surgery" as an original article. For the past five years, he has continued his career in the field of hair transplant and plastic and aesthetic surgery. So, he has a great experience that he continues to develop with innovations and unique techniques. 

So, if you want to get better information about Kadıköy Florence Nightingale and its medical team, contact our customer service. We will be happy to assist you in booking an online consultation or obtaining a free quote.


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Dr Sevgi Kurt Yazar

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, graduated from Istanbul Medical School. She completed her training in Taiwan, then in Belgium. Very talented in rhinoplasty, gynecomastia and liposuction.

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Prof Dr. Hakan Ocsel

Specialist in hair and aesthetic surgery, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege. He has completed numerous international certification programs. He is a member of the international organization Interplast.


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