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Dr. Kaan Pekiner is a specialist in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has been practicing hair transplant since 2012 and until today has treated more than 700 patients. 

In 2017, the doctor decided to open his own clinic in Ankara, Turkey, with a team of talented practitioners, nurses and interpreters. The doctor is an expert in the FUE method and performs only one operation per day to ensure rigorous work and a precise, long-lasting result. 

A native of Ankara, Dr. Pekiner graduated from the Gülhane Military Medical School in 2006 with a degree in reconstructive surgery. For three years, he treated the wounded of the Turkish army. At the end of this mission, he decided to dedicate his professional career to hair transplant. In 2010, he became the assistant of the prestigious Dr. Abdul Keser who was looking for a colleague to develop his activity. 

Our expert excels in the manual FUE technique offering a painless experience to the patient. He takes charge of the entire process, from extraction and incision to implantation and post-operative follow-up. The assisting staff is responsible for the smooth running of the transplant and follows strict hygiene and sterilization standards.

The great advantage is that the entire team can communicate in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. This option optimizes communication with foreign patients who prefer to understand the procedure in their native language. In addition, Dr. Pekiner's clinic takes care of the organization of their medical stay by providing them with accommodation and lunch. Also, pre-operative and post-operative care and medications are included in the price of the transplant. A PRP session is also free to promote hair growth after the operation.

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Dr. Kaan Pekiner

Hair surgeon specializing in FUE hair transplant, with an experience of more than 7 years, in Ankara, Turkey. Lecturer at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

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