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ISTANBUL IMPLANTOLOJI is a modern dental clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. The facility attracts patients from all over the world for its quality and competitive prices of comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments.

With the guarantee of expertise and know-how in a friendly and warm environment, this clinic has successfully treated international patients. They come to enjoy a comfortable medical stay and a beautiful and healthy smile. This is true no matter what treatment is required, from simple preventive care to complex maxillofacial surgery.

Over time, ISTANBUL İMPLANTOLOJI has earned the trust and esteem of its patients through an expert medical team. As an example, we mention Dr. Tolga Gülçiçek whose reputation extends to Italy, Germany and the United States. The specialist in implantology, bone grafting and oral surgery is always invited to international scientific conferences. This reassures patients that they are in good hands.

The clinic is also interested in the absolute respect of the standards of sterilization and hygiene in its premises. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies such as 3D intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM systems. A wide range of dental services is available with the assurance of high-quality and precise results:

- Implants (All On Six, All On Five, All On Four)

- Dental prosthesis

- Sinus lift

- Root canal treatment

- Gingivitis treatment

- Tooth Whitening

To take advantage of this, book your appointment with dentists in ISTANBUL İMPLANTOLOJI directly on MyTripMed. Our medical advisors will answer you by phone or email and accompany you throughout the process. In addition, we send you a free quote on your dream treatment. This way, you can save 40-70% on the price.


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Dr Tolga Gulçiçek

Dentist specializing in oral diseases and maxillofacial surgery. Graduated from Gazi University, Turkey, with experience in England and the United States. Member of the Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

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Dr Eda Akun

Specialist in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, very gifted in porcelain and hybrid dental prostheses on implants. Graduated from Ankara University, Turkey, since 2008. Fluent in English.

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