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Istanbul Diş Akademisi is a newly founded private dental clinic in 2020 in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. It offers general and cosmetic dental treatments with the guarantee of the best value for money.

A wide range of treatments is available to foreign visitors who choose this destination to have the beautiful smile. Indeed, all services are modern and ensure a healthy and lasting result for patients of all ages. This includes, among others:

● EMAX® laminated veneers 

● Zirconia crowns

● Laser whitening 

● Immediate dental implants

● Hollywood Smile 

● Pediatric dentistry

● Dental braces

● Maxillofacial surgery

These operations take place in 14 operating rooms that meet strict European sterilization and hygiene standards. Also, you find 1 VIP restroom, an in-house digital laboratory and a digital radiology center. The medical team consists of world-renowned dental surgeons, talented technicians and well-trained nurses.

In addition, Istanbul Diş Akademisi is certified in treating international patients. It provides them with free Accommodation as well as airport pick-up. After the treatment, the clinic provides the transfer back to the airport and the post-operative follow-up. 

This encourages tourists who choose Turkey to enjoy a comfortable and successful medical stay. From a simple dental scaling to a complete smile design, the results always exceed expectations. In addition, the prices offered are affordable and provide real savings of 40-70%.

So, if you are looking for quality services at the best price, contact us now by email or phone. MyTripMed will accompany you and answer all your questions. In addition, our team will send you a free quote on your desired treatment.


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