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Implant-Art is a modern dental clinic located in the Mokotów district of Warsaw, Poland. In a friendly and professional environment, it guarantees the health and comfort of its local and international patients. 

The clinic has a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists in various branches of dentistry. They provide a wide range of high quality care, from the simple treatment of cavities to the most complex implants. As an example, we mention Dr. Piotr Stępień, a talented dental surgeon distinguished by his successful results. The latter often participates in training courses abroad to develop his skills. Likewise, he attends conferences in the United States and Germany to stay abreast of the latest technologies in his field.

At Implant-Art, all medical and paramedical staff undergo continuous training to ensure the highest quality of service. They listen carefully to patients' expectations and are committed to applying innovative techniques to give them a beautiful smile. This is true regardless of the type of operation to be performed, such as:

- Cosmetic dentistry

- Dental prophylaxis

- Pediatric dentistry

- Periodontics

- Endodontics

- Orthodontics

- Tooth Whitening

- Prosthetics

- Implants

At Implant-Art, our reception staff is highly professional and multilingual. This quality allows them to improve communication with foreign visitors, who appreciate being able to communicate in their own language. In addition, the clinic offers multiple methods of payment in cash and by credit card with discounts and facilities. This means that the patient has the advantage of paying his bill in several instalments according to the available formulas.  

Therefore, if you wish to book an appointment or a consultation online, this is possible directly on our MyTripMed website. Also, our consultants are always available to answer your questions about Implant-Art. 


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Dr Aleksandra Stolarczuk

Dental surgeon specializing in orthodontics and pedodontics. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Warsaw, Poland. Recognized for his painless treatments given to children.

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Dr Piotr Stepien

Dental surgeon specializing in implantology and endodontics. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Warsaw, Poland, with training in Germany and the United States. Speaks English and German.

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