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Implant Akademi is a dental implant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. It receives thousands of patients from different countries every year and offers them the best smile at the best price.

The friendly and well-trained in-house staff welcomes visitors in a modern and ultra-equipped space. Then, internationally renowned doctors take care of them and offer them appropriate treatment plans. After the first free examination, they give them the necessary advice to ensure their good oral health. Then, the operation will take place with sterile material according to international health standards. 

As its name suggests, Implant Akademi is the leader in Turkey in simple, complex and immediate implants. However, the clinic also offers other dental services such as

- Zirconia crowns

- Dental braces 

- Digital smile design

- Root canal treatment

- Pediatric dentistry

- Laser Whitening

- Inlay/Onlay Restoration

Rest assured, all of these operations use the latest dental techniques to ensure a natural and healthy result. To achieve this, our dentists, technicians and assistants undergo continuous training to stay abreast of innovations in their field. Moreover, the entire team is handpicked for their experience and know-how, each in their own field of specialization.

In addition, the clinic puts the comfort and satisfaction of the foreign patient at the heart of its objectives. For this reason, it optimizes and facilitates his stay, from his arrival to the postoperative follow-up. As a result, they benefit from free accommodation with personalized assistance 24 hours a day.

So, to make your appointment at Implant Akademi, contact our advisors now by phone or email. With MyTripMed, you will get quick answers to all your questions about your next trip to Turkey. Also, you save up to 70% on the price of the treatment you want to perform.


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Dr Özgür Öztürk

Dentist expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey. Experienced in the United States and Finland, he is an active member of the American Medical Association.

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Dr Gizem Nur Öztürk

Dentist specializing in orthodontics and prosthetic treatments. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey and trained in Finland. Gifted in cosmetic dentistry, especially veneers.

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Dr Elif Nihan Atalay

Specialist in cosmetic dentistry, periodontology and implantology. Graduated from Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University, Turkey. Expert in the different techniques of gingival grafting. Fluent in English.

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