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With more than 35 years of experience in hair and dental surgery in Turkey, IdealofMeD is now internationally renowned. With a strategy focused primarily on patient satisfaction, the clinic always aims to combine expertise, thoroughness and hospitality. 

Its team of qualified specialists helps visitors from all over the world to regain their ideal appearance and natural smile. This is achieved through the use of proven quality hair transplant and dental care treatments. In addition, they provide comprehensive support to help patients through the entire medical experience. It also has modern and comfortable operating rooms that are conducive to the conduct of the various operations. 

In fact, IdealofMeD takes care of the entire procedure, from arrival at the airport to post-operative follow-up. This includes the reservation at a 5-star hotel with exclusive VIP transportation for the duration of the stay. 

While the most common operations in medical tourism are hair transplants (DHI and FUE), the clinic also performs all types of plastic surgery. This is also true for specialized dental treatments and especially anti-aging treatments. Indeed, IdealofMeD is currently recognized for its high-end natural products which represent the fruit of its long years of research.

In terms of price, the packages offered with accommodation and transportation costs are very interesting and suitable for all budgets. Moreover, it is absolutely cheaper than in other European countries, with of course a higher level of quality.

So, if you want to have an optimal medical experience in Turkey, choose IdealofMeD. Request your free quote now to get all the details about the treatment process.


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