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Hospitadent Dental Hospital Group consists of 20 branches in Istanbul, Izmir, Bağcilar and Ankara, Turkey. Welcoming more than 100,000 patients a year, it has become the sought-after address for all those who want to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile throughout the world. 

After more than 18 years of experience in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, these clinics are gaining confidence and notoriety. They have succeeded in satisfying patients of all ages, not only in Turkey, but also internationally. They guarantee them an exceptional and comfortable medical stay while ensuring excellent results.

That's why, the group is currently present through its foreign branches in Frankfurt, Germany and the Netherlands. In addition, the Hospitadent Academy, which was created in 2008, is one of the references in the professional training of medical specialists and the continuous development of medical innovations.

So here is a big name in the field of oral health that offers quality services focused primarily on the patient. Thanks to an ultra-modern technological infrastructure in each of its clinics, it ensures an individual and sustainable treatment approach. This remains true, whatever the expectations and the type of care desired: 

·         Digital smile design

·         Full mouth restoration 

·         Hollywood Smile

·         Gummy smile treatment

·         Dental implants    

·         Zirconia crowns

·         Zirconia veneers

·         Complete denture

·         Dental fillings

 The rigorous work of its medical staff, qualified technicians and certified nurses has been rewarded with several awards. Hospitadent received the TEMOS international quality certificate in 2013. Then, it was the first in Turkey to win the "Stevie Awards" for its most innovative customer service of the year 2018.

 In 2020, it was the first dental health group to participate in the Turquality brand support program. And finally in 2021, Hospitadent was named “Great Place To Work® Certified” for the organization and management of its clinics.

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Dentist specialized in implantology and periodontology, with more than 12 years of experience. Graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Dentistry, Turkey. He speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr. Ammar DERVİŞ

Expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as in implantology, with more than 11 years of experience. Graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Dentistry, Turkey. He speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr. Gözde Şehirli

Dentist specializing in oral diagnosis, cosmetic dentistry, prostheses and gingival treatments. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ankara, Turkey. She speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr. Ömer Kadıoğlu

Dental surgeon expert in surgical treatments, oral diagnosis, cosmetic dentistry and dental prostheses. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey. He speaks English and Turkish.

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