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Founded in 2014, Helvetic Clinic is a dental center located in the city of Budapest, Hungary. It is the preferred destination for international patients seeking cosmetic dentistry care at the best value. 

Choosing Helvetic Clinic is the assurance of a natural and long-lasting result while saving 50-70% on fees! The clinic relies on the high quality of its services, from the arrival of the patient to the end of the medical stay. To achieve this, it relies exclusively on qualified doctors, most of whom are experienced abroad. They are up to date with the latest developments in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry and work with innovative and modern techniques. 

Also, they respect the strict European hygiene and sterilization standards to guarantee health and well-being to the patient. In addition, they are assisted by a staff of well-trained nurses who ensure that each operation is carried out correctly. Friendly and welcoming, they optimize the dental experience in a pleasant and friendly environment.

The clinic also offers luxurious facilities with 12 fully equipped treatment rooms. It also has 3 blocks entirely dedicated to dental surgery (implants, bone grafting, maxillofacial surgery). In addition, there is an in-house imaging center with 3D scanner and digital panoramic radiography.

And to speed up the process and ensure accurate results, an independent denture laboratory is available. This is why Helvetic Clinic is one of the few ISO 9001 certified dental clinics in Hungary.

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Dr Laszlo Lukacs

Expert in implantology and periodontics, international lecturer and researcher in periodontology. Graduated from Semmelweis University in Budapest since 2006. He speaks English, Hungarian and German.

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Dr. Gabor Berkei

Specialist in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, expert in prostheses on implants. Graduated from Semmelweis University, Hungary since 2012. International speaker in Italy and Japan.

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