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HairPalace is a group of clinics located in several countries around the world that specialize in hair surgery. The main medical center is in Budapest, where the training of the doctors takes place. 

With more than 11 years of experience, the main objective is to perfect the treatments and to offer tailor-made solutions. For this reason, the brand is also well known in France, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK.

The hair transplant techniques used are among the most modern and do not leave any scars. Moreover, thanks to the DHI method, the result is more natural and the hair regains its vitality more quickly. In addition to the expertise of its surgeons, such as the talented Erika Gucsi, this clinic is strategically located. Hungary and its capital Budapest are very popular for medical tourism. This destination attracts visitors from all over the world. It is the ultimate choice for people who want to have high quality hair care at affordable prices.

In this sense, HairPalace offers all-inclusive packages that include among others:

- Two PCR tests (if necessary)

- Organization of the medical stay in Hungary

- Transfers from and to the airport

- Accommodation for two nights in a private premium apartment

- Personal consultation with the surgeon who will perform the operation

- Lifetime warranty 

- Local anesthesia

- Special clothing for medical treatment

- All required medications after the surgery

- 5 post-operative check-ups

- Interpreter

This is an ideal solution for a tailor-made treatment with advantageous rates. Contact us now to ask your questions and get assistance from our medical advisors. We will answer you by phone or e-mail and help you get a free quote online.


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Dr Erika Gucsi

Surgeon specializing in hair transplant at HairPalace clinic, with more than 8 years of experience. Graduated from Semmelweis Faculty of Medicine, Hungary. Member of Fue Europe.

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