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A reference clinic in hair transplant, HAIRMEDICO is distinguished by more than 16 years of experience. Its success is due to the expertise of its founder Dr. Arslan Musbeh, an internationally renowned hair specialist. 

After completing his studies in France and obtaining his European Inter-University Diploma in Baldness Surgery, he opened a medical center in Istanbul. Located on the banks of the Bosphorus, the establishment became the preferred destination for French and thousands of foreign patients. 

The prices of the treatments are very competitive and cost 40 to 50% less compared to European countries. Not to mention the VIP offers, promotions and all-inclusive packages! In addition, the services are of the highest quality and especially oriented towards satisfaction and comfort. The in-house staff and the doctor's assistants are highly qualified. The clinic also uses the most advanced technologies, whether for the FUE, FUE Saphire or DHI technique. It is these high-quality services that explain HAIMEDICO's worldwide reputation in hair surgery for men and women.

In order to improve the quality of the care he offers, Dr. Arslan accepts only one patient per day. He performs the hair transplant surgery and the postoperative follow-up himself. He is fluent in French and guarantees easy communication and instills confidence and serenity. 

During his medical stay, the foreign visitor is met at the airport and transferred to a 4-star hotel. Transportation and accommodation costs are included in the package price of the operation. In addition, a multilingual guide will accompany the visitor to and from the clinic. The result: an exceptional medical experience in Istanbul.

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Dr Arslan Musbeh

Hair surgeon, specialized in hair, beard and eyebrow transplant, with more than 15 years of experience. Graduated from Odessa University, Turkey and Claude Bernard University, France.

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