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Hair Upload Clinic guarantees the best hair transplant services in Turkey. Thanks to Dr. Caymaz's expertise, patients from all over the world can rest assured that they will get natural and 100% successful results. 

In fact, after graduating from medical school in 2010, the doctor completed an internship in Spain and participated in several international conferences. Since 2012, he has performed thousands of operations in many clinics specializing in hair transplant. Currently, he operates under his own name at Hair Upload Clinic: a modern and ultra equipped institution.

This talented surgeon is distinguished by the ability to use both hands during the operation. This allows him to speed up the process and increase its efficiency. He then uses a sapphire blade for the incisions to minimize pain and achieve faster healing. 

The specialist accepts a maximum of 2 VIP operations per day. Before starting, he explains the procedure in detail to the patient and answers any questions. When the patient feels ready for the transplant, the operation will take place with the assistance of a team of 5 highly trained nurses. In fact, Dr. Caymaz is one of the first doctors in Turkey and Europe to use the Saphire FUE technique. The entire medical staff has the experience, competence and passion to accompany him in his care. The result is full and healthy hair that radiates youth and vitality. 

Hair Upload Clinic is very interested in medical tourism and offers very advantageous packages to foreign patients. The clinic takes care of them from the moment they arrive in Istanbul until they return home. It offers them comfortable accommodation in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. Afterwards, a dedicated team accompanies them throughout their stay. This includes transportation to the clinic, interpretation and post-operative follow-up. Also, all medications as well as shampoo, lotions, cotton pillow and hat are free.

So don't hesitate to get to know this destination better. You just need to contact our customer service to answer all your questions and make the booking process easier for you.


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Dr Erkam Caymaz's

Hair transplant specialist, with more than 10 years serving international patients. He operates in Istanbul, Turkey. Active member of Fue Europe and the World Fue Institute (WFI).

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