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Gozde Hospital is located in Izmir, Turkey and offers a diverse range of medical and plastic surgery services for local patients and international visitors.

For more than 20 years, Gözde Hospital Group has been one of the leading providers of private medical services in Turkey. It comprises 7 general hospitals, 3 of which are entirely dedicated to providing care for international patients. With 1.8 million patients examined and treated every year, Gözde Group is one of the leaders in Turkey.

Patients from all over the world usually tend to come to Gozde Hospital for cosmetic surgery operations, especially for:

-          Rhinoplasty

-          Breast implant

-          Abdominoplasty

-          Butt lift

-          Liposuction

Turkey, with its medical specialists and hospitals spread across the country, is one of the major medical hubs in the world. At Gozde Hospital in Izmir, the goal is to provide patients with the highest quality medical care. This is thanks to a team of doctors who are professional and specialized in plastic surgeries and in the treatment of obesity.

Services that Gözde Health Group additionally offers to its patients:

·         Pre and post-operative examinations, consultations through a medical advisor and nursing services

·         Transport to and from airport and hospital

·         Accommodation in a private apartment in the MyVia residence

·         Car rental at the request of the patient

Make an appointment online with Gozde Hospital for your cosmetic surgery or medical treatment, or contact our customer service for more information.


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Dr Ömer Polat

Specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery with 11 years of experience. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Gazi (2018), Turkey. The doctor speaks English and Turkish.

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