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GETFUE is a private clinic located on the southern coast of Turkey. For almost 10 years, it has been the first destination for international patients seeking high-end hair transplant services. 

Thanks to its strategic location in Antalya, the city's wonderful climate and direct flights from many European airports, it has become the ideal solution for visitors from all over the world. Indeed, the clinic offers treatments that are mainly focused on satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, its prices are very advantageous and compete with the most renowned countries in the field of medical tourism.

All operations are performed by one of the most talented surgeons in the region, Dr. Ayhan Colak. He is an experienced hair transplant specialist and one of the first to use the FUE method in Turkey. Originally from Antalya and a graduate of Akdeniz Medical School, he has been practicing this technique for over 9 years. He is also an associate member of the ISHRS and is fluent in English. With his expertise and rich background, he helps patients to achieve the best desired results for their hair, beard and body polish.

GETFUE's entire medical team undergoes continuous training to stay abreast of the latest inventions in the field of transplant. In addition, the clinic is always improving its equipment and processes to meet international standards. Currently, it specializes in treatments through the DHI method, being more modern and less painful. 

For the available packages, all costs related to the required tests, hotel accommodation and transportation during the stay are included. This is also true for all post-operative care and medical follow-up by the attending physician. 

For all these reasons, GETFUE is the number one choice for foreign patients. They appreciate the quality of the services and the VIP care. For this reason, we invite you to contact us to help you quickly obtain an appointment with the clinic or to schedule a consultation online.


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Dr Ayhan Colak

Specialist in hair surgery and DHI hair transplant, for 20 years in Antalya, Turkey. Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), speaks English and Turkish.

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