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Fortino Dental is located in South Delhi, India. It is a medical facility specializing in modern dental care. It is distinguished by its high quality services and ultra-competitive prices. 

At this clinic, all patients, regardless of their needs, receive the best treatment plans according to strict health standards. A team of orthodontists, prosthodontists, pedodontists, periodontists and maxillofacial surgeons work actively to achieve this mission.

As a result, Fortino Dental has become an internationally recognized brand for advanced care. This remains true for a simple oral examination as well as for the restorative design of the most complex smile. The patient always receives the same high level of quality for the different services, such as: 

- Dentures

- Implants 

- Crowns 

- Veneers

- Bridges

- Full mouth rehabilitation 

- Gum surgery

- Tooth fillings

- Laser whitening

- Root canal treatment

- Pediatric Dentistry

Fortino dental is gaining day by day the satisfaction of local and international patients for its outstanding results. This is also due to the use of the latest technology in the field of dentistry. In addition, the medical staff of the clinic undergoes continuous training in India and abroad. This allows them to know and apply the latest and innovative methods in this field. In addition to this, the clinic offers pre- and post-treatment patient care by highly qualified professionals. They explain the treatment process and give the necessary post-operative advice.

If you would like to enjoy this exceptional medical experience, just contact us. Our coordinators will answer your questions and send you a free quote on the dental operation of your choice. This way, you leave on your trip without any surprises or hidden costs.


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