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FBM Aesthetic Medical Center is founded since 2005 in the city of Samsun, Turkey. It is created by the Associate Professor Hayati Akbash and specializes in breast implants, face lift, liposuction, hair transplant, gynecomastia and rhinoplasty. 

He is a Turkish surgeon who obtained his medical degree at the end of 1989. In order to increase his knowledge and experience, he traveled to the United States and worked on topics related to precision interventions for a year. Upon his return to Turkey, he continued his scientific studies and held the position of Department Head of Reconstructive Surgery at Ondokuz Mayis University. In 2004, he was elected Doctor of the Year at the “Azeri Business Award” ceremony. 

Alongside his medical mission, Prof. Hayati Akbash helps educate patients about the importance of plastic surgery. For this, he publishes articles in several newspapers and magazines and participates in television programs on various channels.

That is why, the internationally renowned plastic surgeon is referred to by his large number of subscribers on social media as "the doctor with the golden hands". This is thanks to his skills and the excellence of his results.

In fact, the FBM aesthetic medical center is distinguished by a team of more than 100 employees dedicated to assisting the patient before, during and after the operation. The clinic has ultra-equipped and comfortable treatment rooms. It offers international visitors packages that include accommodation, VIP transportation and interpretation. Moreover, online consultations with the surgeon are also free. To benefit from, we invite you to contact our customer service. Our team of advisors will be happy to guide you to get a quick appointment. 


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Prof Hayati Akbas

Specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is "the doctor with golden hands", elected doctor of the year at the "Azeri Business Award" ceremony in 2004.

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