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Fa Hair Transplant is one of the oldest clinics in Turkey, located in Ankara since 1998. Thanks to its long experience in hair surgery, it has built an outstanding international reputation. 

As a result, it has become one of the leading medical transplant institutions specializing in the FUE technique for men and women. This quick and easy method has proven to be very popular with Turkish and foreign patients. They come to recover the natural look of their thick hair.

Thanks to the expertise of its founder Dr. Fehmi Arman and his team of well selected surgeons, the clinic has been able to treat more than 12,338 people. It offers them quality services in comfortable and well equipped treatment rooms. The technicians, assistants and internal staff are selected for their training and dedication to their profession. Also, the equipment used is modern and very advanced. All of these advantages help to speed up and optimize the process for a more natural result.

Fa Hair Transplant Clinic is becoming the ultimate choice for foreign patients. This is mainly due to the success of its cosmetic surgeons and its all-inclusive packages. It offers them very affordable prices compared to Europe and the Middle East. Moreover, travelers who choose this destination for hair transplant do not have to worry about accommodation. They enjoy a luxurious stay in a 5-star hotel and private transportation to and from the clinic. Prior to treatment, blood tests are offered as well as PRP sessions and post-operative care. In addition, they have an interpreter to guide them through the process in their own language. 

This is a great plan to enjoy the best medical services at unbeatable prices. To take advantage of this, request your free quote or book an appointment directly on our MyTripMed website.


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Dr Fehmi Arman

Hair surgeon and founder of FA Hair Transplant Clinic, Ankara, Turkey. Specialist in hair transplant, with more than 21 years of experience. Speaks English and Turkish.

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