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Esthetica Maxillofacial & Dental Hospital is located in Vadodara, India. It is a modern center that offers local and international patients quality dental, hair and aesthetic care with affordable costs.

This destination ensures a comfortable atmosphere with its ultra-equipped rooms with the latest diagnostic and interventional technologies. The hospital offers customized treatment plans to meet the different needs of dental health, facial and cosmetic surgery. Whether it's for a simple preventive checkup or a complex smile makeover, the professionals have the expertise to deliver the desired result. This includes but is not limited to:

- Tooth whitening

- Fillings 

- Root canal

- Dentures 

- Invisalign treatment

- Veneers 

- Implants 

- Bone grafting

- Extractions 

- Emergency Dentistry

- Smile design

- Dental hygiene

- Full mouth rehabilitation 

- Oral injuries

- Orofacial pain

- Skin care 

- Permanent hair removal 

- Hair transplants

- Facelift

Esthetica is one of the few private hospitals that provide this variety of treatments in the same location. In addition, it is the largest and most equipped center in the country for dental, cosmetic and plastic surgery. In addition, it offers a high level of sterilization with internationally certified equipment. 

This brand provides patients with the best practitioners in the world to help them achieve their desired smile or appearance. They listen to their needs and are committed to ensuring quality and fair cost for a result that often exceeds expectations.

Likewise, the in-house staff is talented and provides the necessary assistance and information to local and foreign visitors. The goal is to ensure an ideal medical experience in a professional yet friendly atmosphere.

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