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Since 2010, Estethica Health Group has been the most successful hair, dental and plastic surgery center in Turkey. It is present in the three districts of Istanbul (Atasehir, Bakirkoy and Levent) through ultramodern clinics. 

Its strategy is to hire the most talented doctors and the most advanced technologies to guarantee the highest care quality. This includes the treatment of obesity, dermatology, rhinoplasty, breast lift, acupuncture, gynecomastia, etc. 

Bringing together specialists from all these fields, this institution is currently becoming a leader in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery. Thanks to these 3 modern and fully equipped centers as well as its professional and dedicated medical staff, Estethica competes with renowned international brands. This remains true, especially in the context of medical tourism through interesting and very economical packages.

Foreign patients appreciate the clinic for its strategic location and especially for its quality services. Indeed, Estethica combines the success of operations with the stay comfort and the experience it offers to its visitors. First, it ensures the ease of medical travel. That is why, it fully supports the accommodation procedures in a 5-star hotel as well as the VIP transfer to the clinic. This also remains true for the tests and analyzes to be carried out in its laboratories before the surgery. Then, the postoperative control is the mission of the attending physician who ensures the state of health of his patient and gives him all the necessary instructions. Finally, a driver guides the latter to the airport so that he can return to his country in complete safety.

All these services are therefore included in the special offers, which saves up to 50% on the rates offered in other destinations. Take advantage now, you just have to request your quote or contact one of our advisers for more information about the clinic. We will also be happy to help you get a quick appointment for an online consultation.


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Specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Graduated from Istanbul Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. Member of the Turkish Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons. He speaks Turkish and English.

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Dr Emin Gül

Surgeon specializing in the treatment of hair loss and hair transplant, with 14 years of experience. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey. Speaks English and Turkish.

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