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Esnan Oral and Dental Health Center is a group of four state-of-the-art clinics located in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to long years of experience, all treatments in cosmetic dentistry are offered to patients all over the world.

The main objective of the oral care center is to provide the best services in the most efficient way for an always optimal result. In addition, it ensures maximum hygiene with sterilization systems that comply with international standards. Also, the treatment and dental examination rooms are spacious and well equipped. The operating rooms are also distinguished by a high-end technological infrastructure with high quality. That's why, the group is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Esnan offers its patients of all ages a warm and comfortable environment thanks to the qualified medical staff. We are talking about the team of dental surgeons, nurses and technicians who strive to provide white and flawless teeth. Likewise, they continuously follow internal training which enables them to optimize their services and gain the satisfaction of all patients. So, among the range of treatments offered, we find:

·         Zirconia dental crowns

·         Laminated porcelain veneers

·         Dental implants

·         Dental bridges

·         Hollywood Smile

·         White or gray dental filling

·         Gummy smile treatment

·         Full or partial denture

International visitors enjoy a private transport service to and from the airport. In addition, they are accommodated in one of the group's five-star luxury partner hotels. Strategically based in Istanbul, the 4 Esnan branches also allow you to discover the city and have a good time there. This is why they manage to provide both rest and vacation stays as well as appropriate dental services.

To learn more or to make an appointment now in one of these modern clinics, count on us. MyTripMed advisors respond quickly to your questions and guarantee you complete assistance throughout your treatment.


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4 Doctors Available

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Dr. Defne Yanik

Specialized orthodontist with more than 15 years of experience, graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey. An active member of the Turkish Orthodontic Association, she still attends medical congresses in the United States and Spain.

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Dr. Songül Şalış

Specialist in implantology, dental prostheses and smile design, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Marmara, Turkey. Always present in international congresses and workshops on aesthetic dentistry.

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Dr. Ercan Emren

Dentist specializing in dental prostheses, implantology and smile design. Also director responsible for the Esnan clinic of the Topkapi branch. Graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey.

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Dr. Levent Ataşer

Expert in cosmetic dentistry, including total and partial dentures. Graduated from Istanbul University, Turkey, then trained in the United States. Member of EPA (European Association of Dental Technicians).

Clinic Packages

MEDENTIKA Dental Implant

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    5 Years Warranty

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    5 Stars Hotel + Transfer VIP

  • list item

    Instead of $ 535



Straumann Dental Implant

  • list item

    Free e-Consultation

  • list item

    5 Years Warranty for treatments

  • list item

    Instead of $ 935



Hollywood Smile

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    All Inclusive

  • list item

    5 Stars Hotel

  • list item

    VIP Tranfer + Flight Tickets



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