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Located in the heart of Istanbul, right next to the Galatasaray Stadium, Elithair is an ultra-modern clinic specialized in hair surgery. A team of internationally renowned doctors provide all hair, beard and eyebrow transplant treatments.

Recently built in 2015, this clinic is unique with its stylish architecture and spacious area. It covers 18,000 square meters and 13 floors with more than 57 treatment rooms equipped with the latest equipment in the world.

In the large lobby, patients are greeted directly by expert and friendly staff. Nurses answer all questions and explain the process so that the visitor is informed and guided efficiently.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi and his staff of highly qualified specialists will take care of you. The clinic offers you the first free consultation to make a proper hair diagnosis. Then, the surgeon will advise you on the appropriate plan to treat your hair loss.

For foreign patients, this is a really pleasant experience. The entire medical stay, including accommodation, is done in luxury rooms within the clinic. Thus, they have the opportunity to spend the night directly on the spot and avoid additional transportation costs. In addition, there is 24-hour medical assistance by nurses who speak Turkish, English, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian.

Thanks to the combination of comfort and quality of care offered, you will be reassured that your transplant will be performed in the best health and hygiene conditions.

So, make your appointment at Elithair now with our fast services at MyTripMed. All you need to do is tell us your needs by email or phone. Our consultants will answer your questions and send you a non-binding quote for your desired treatment.


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Dr Abdulaziz Balwi

Specialist in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant, with more than 60,000 satisfied patients. A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Ege, Turkey, he is the founder of the Elithair clinic.

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