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Located in the heart of Hyderabad, ELEDENT INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL DENTISTRY is one of the leading clinics in India. Its objective is to offer comprehensive dental treatments in a warm and friendly environment.

The strategy of this brand is essentially based on the following approach: "Everyone has the right to smile". For this reason, it welcomes patients of all ages from different countries every year. They want to benefit from effective dental solutions with an optimal quality/price ratio. 

Equipped with the latest equipment and internationally renowned practitioners, this clinic is able to meet both simple and demanding expectations. From routine scaling to full mouth rehabilitation, the results are always successful and natural. 

For many years, the clinic has been committed to providing a medical experience based on satisfaction and comfort. This is why all operations are performed according to strict hygiene standards in sterile rooms. In addition, the patient chooses his own treatment plan from among the available options. The ELEDENT INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL DENTISTRY team ensures that all procedures are performed with the patient's prior authorization. The patient has access to a wide range of general and cosmetic treatments, including: 

- Dental implants 

- Extractions

- Dentures 

- Crowns 

- Dental fillings

- Invisalign treatment

- Root canal treatment

- Single visit dentistry

- Tooth Whitening

The clinic treats emergency cases the same day. This is possible thanks to advanced digital solutions such as 3D scans, imaging and computer-aided design. Also, laser equipment contributes to the effectiveness of invasive care performed painlessly with minimal bleeding.

To take advantage of this, schedule an appointment or request your free quote directly on our MyTripMed website. You can also contact us by phone, our advisors will welcome you quickly and answer your questions.


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