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Duna Dental is the ultimate choice for international patients who choose Hungary for a beautiful and healthy smile. This private clinic, founded in 2007, offers a warm and pleasant setting for a quality dental experience.

Thanks to internationally renowned experts and the use of the latest technology, the results are always satisfactory. This is true regardless of the complexity of the desired treatment, including

- Dental implants

- Tooth whitening

- Root canal treatment

- Complete dentures

- Bone grafting

- Wisdom teeth extraction

- Onlay/Inlay

- Zircon crowns

Duna Dental surgeons are also known for their expertise in treating fearful or hypersensitive patients. They use painless care techniques to ease pain and anxiety during extractions or fillings.

As a result, modern and safe procedures with special attention to hygiene lead to successful operations. Secondly, the clinic's soothing environment and friendly staff also help you to have an optimal stay with the entire team.

Your beautiful smile is the result of the work of dentists, technicians and hygienists who strive to offer you the best solutions. In addition, we offer free digital pre-surgical x-rays and screening consultations. As well, follow-ups and advice from specialists help you keep your teeth healthy for a long time. 

So, if you're looking for implants, dentures or the perfect color for your teeth, the doctors at Duna Dental can help. Plus, you'll save 50-70% on fees.

Schedule your appointment now directly on our website and tell us about your needs by phone or e-mail. Our consultants will respond quickly and work with you to get a personalized quote on your next treatment.


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Dr Daniel Nagy

Expert in cosmetic dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and implantology. Graduated from the University of Semmelweis, Hungary. Member of the Hungarian Association of Implantologists, he speaks English and German.

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