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The Clinic of Dr. Fares Seffen is located in one of the most luxurious areas of the capital Tunis, Tunisia. It is dedicated to hair surgery and is directed by the doctor specializing in hair restoration, its founder Dr. Seffen. 

After performing his first operations in hospitals in France, Turkey and Belgium, he returned to his native country to open his own clinic.

This strategic destination welcomes a great number of tourists from all over the world to benefit from aesthetic and medical treatments. The good reasons for this choice are the affordable prices and the assurance of high quality. Dr. Fares Seffen offers hair transplants with the FUE method as well as beards and moustaches.

During the operations, the surgeon is surrounded by a polyglot team of 4 graduate assistants. They receive training within the clinic to keep up with the latest hair transplant techniques. Dr. Seffen also actively participates in the various events and workshops of the ISHRS, ESHRS and the WFI, of which he is a member. In addition, he ensures that his center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which is often presented during these international congresses. Thus, the transplant procedures take place in an approved room with respect to hygiene and safety conditions. 

The foreign patient also occupies a very important place in the clinic's care strategy. Therefore, upon arrival at Tunis-Carthage airport, he is transferred to one of the partner hotels to spend his stay. The next day, he will have a private consultation with the surgeon and a complete answer to all his questions. Then, the operation will take place under local anesthesia. At the end of the operation, Dr. Seffen will provide written instructions and the necessary medication and hair lotions. The patient can then fly home the very next day.

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Dr Fares Seffen

Hair transplant specialist, in Tunisia. Graduated from Claude Bernard Lyon 2 University, France, with experience in Belgium and Turkey. Member of the World FUE Institute (WFI).

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