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As the name suggests, Dr. Preay Mehta's Dental Spa is the first of its kind in Vadodara, India. The "dental spa" provides a wide range of smile makeover and facial rejuvenation treatments at exceptional prices.

In a serene and soothing atmosphere, the center provides high-end treatments with strict hygiene and sterilization protocols. As a result, all members of the family can find modern and effective solutions for good dental health and an ideal appearance. Dr. Preay Mehta’s Dental Spa is more than just a dental office, it provides specialist support for your treatment and this is valid for local and international patients.

It offers general, aesthetic and hair care with anti-aging treatments in one place. Some examples are:

- Dental implants

- Laser whitening

- Smile design

- Full mouth rehabilitation 

- Root canal treatment 

- Dermal Filling

- Lip augmentation

- Hair grafting

- Skin whitening

- Laser hair removal 

A team of highly qualified dentists uses the best techniques developed internationally to ensure painless operations. This is also true for cosmetic and hair surgery, which is performed by certified specialists. They assess all risk factors and propose customized treatment plans. They listen to the patient's expectations to provide the desired result quickly and efficiently. 

These innovative solutions are perfectly adapted to the needs of adults, seniors and children. In addition, they allow you to realize real savings on fees compared to other countries in the world.

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