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Dr. Oyku Celen's clinic has specialized for many years in the field of dermatology and plastic and hair surgery. It is run by its founder, who is an expert in satin facelift, hair transplant, genital aesthetics, obesity treatment and skin diseases. 

Indeed, after working as a dermatologist doctor in MOnep Nişantaşi for about 18 months, the surgeon currently receives her visitors in her private clinic located in the center of Istanbul.

Being very attentive to the patient's health and desired result, she opts for a strict process that meets international hygiene standards. She performs only 2 operations per day and ensures 100% natural appearances. For this reason, every year it welcomes thousands of people from many countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. They appreciate the high quality of the services provided and the expertise of the medical team with 6 years of experience. 

Secondly, the surgeon takes care of the patient, listens to his needs and advises him throughout the treatment. This is true for hair transplants as well as for cosmetic and non-surgical operations. In fact, the range of specialties is very rich with very competitive prices.

Dr. Oyku Celen is also co-founder of the Turkish travel agency Skin Health Turkey. Active for more than 11 years in the field of medical tourism, this brand offers very interesting deals to international visitors. With the coordination of the aesthetic dermatologist, they get high quality treatments and low prices. Moreover, it is the clinic that takes care of all the necessary procedures. This includes hotel reservations, accommodation for 3 nights and transportation in a VIP car.

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Dr Oyku Celen

Specialist in dermatology, hair transplant and treatment of hair loss. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey. Active member of the Medical Chamber Turkish doctors' union.

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