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Dr. İhsan Türkmen is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery since 2015. He performs his quality operations at the prestigious private clinic Vanity Aesthetic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Immediately after completing his degree in Istanbul Medical Faculty, he worked at Yeşilhisar Military Hospital as a general practitioner in the emergency department. Afterwards, he continued his training at the Haydarpaşa Numune Research Hospital in Istanbul. 

Dr. Türkmen was present during the Dorsum Preservation Rhinoplasty that took place in Barcelona in April 2017. Then, he developed his professional career in the famous Acibadem center in Ankara. He is currently a member of Turkish TPRECD Association, European Rhinoplasty Society and Istanbul Medical Chamber.

Among the types of care offered by Dr. Türkmen and his team of qualified assistants, you can benefit from: 

·         Rhinoplasty 

·         Face and neck lift

·         Cosmetic eyelid surgery 

·         Otoplasty 

·         Chin aesthetics

·         Eyebrow lift

·         Cheek aesthetics

·         Hair Transplant

·         Leg and arm lift

·         Liposuction

·         Vaser Liposuction

·         Abdominoplasty

·         Brazilian butt lift

·         Genital aesthetics

·         Breast augmentation

·         Breast lift

·         Breast reconstruction surgery

·         Filling of lips, nose and cheeks

·         PRP treatment

In order to inform you more about the doctor and his services dedicated to the foreign patient, you can contact us at any time. Our expert advisors are available 24 hours a day by phone, email and chat. They guide you to obtain an appointment or an estimate for the surgical or medical treatment that interests you. Our services are fast and completely free. 


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Mr Ihsan Turkmen

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul. He is a member of European Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association (TPRECD).

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