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Dr. Ercan Demiray is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who operates in Istanbul, Turkey. He performs a wide range of treatments for the face and body with the assurance of long-term natural results. 

He graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical School in Istanbul in 1992. Before specializing, he trained in vascular surgery at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Then he studied craniofacial pathology as a researcher at the Birmingham Pediatric Center in England and the Netherlands. He has participated in many medical and scientific congresses in Turkey throughout his professional career. He has also completed his training in laser liposuction in the United States and Brazil. 

He is an accredited member of the EBOPRAS association and is currently a member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Some of the surgeries Dr. Demiray performs:

- Rhinoplasty 

- Genital aesthetics

- Breast surgery

- Face and neck lift

- Otoplasty

- Liposuction 

- Eyebrow lift

- Buttock lift

- Tummy tuck

- Arm lift

One of the strong points of the treatments performed by Dr. Dermiray is the possibility of having a clear idea of the final result. This is done even before the intervention thanks to the use of the 3D Vectra technology. This technology allows for a precise simulation with six high quality cameras and a visualization of the postoperative appearance. This reassures the patient as well as transmits all the technical information to the doctor for a better course of the process.

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Specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, graduated from Istanbul University. He was a visiting researcher at Birmingham Children's Hospital in Britain before opening his own clinic in 2004.

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