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Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital is a clinic founded in early 2019. It represents one of the best destinations for hair transplant operations in Turkey. 

Its founder, Dr. Emrah Cinik and his team of 65 experts are the highlight of this hospital with their skill and talent. In fact, this surgeon has more than 15 years of experience in the field of hair surgery. He has a special background that he had previously developed in Turkish clinics quite renowned in the field of aesthetic medicine.

In addition to the great expertise and continuous training of its attending physician, "Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital" is also distinguished by its modernity. The clinic surprises the patient from the very beginning with its spacious and ultra-equipped premises with 28 ergonomic operating rooms. But that's not all, Dr. Emrah also guarantees a friendly and light-filled atmosphere. Indeed, the techniques applied during the transplant, either with the DHI or FUE method, are of the highest quality. Also, the solutions offered are diverse and meet all needs such as eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, body hair transplant, PRP injections, etc. Of course, corrections are also possible such as the repair of scars caused by the classic FUT technique. 

Another strong point of the clinic is the price of the services dedicated to foreign visitors. The strategy is simple: complete packages instead of individual offers to avoid unpleasant surprises. With all-inclusive packages, nothing is left to chance. The patient knows in advance how much the operation will cost and saves on additional costs for airport or hotel transfers and accommodation. All these expenses are included in the total price of the chosen package.

The result? Prices are 80% cheaper than those in most countries: USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Korea, Russia, UAE, Dubai, China and Brazil. Reserve a seat now and contact us for a free online quote.


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Dr Emrah Cinik

Specialist in cosmetic, restorative and hair surgery with more than 19 years of experience. One of the most reputable hair transplant specialists in Turkey, he operates at his clinic in Istanbul.

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