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Dr. Baran Kul is one of the most popular and talented plastic surgeons in Turkey. He specializes in rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, liposuction, tummy tuck and facelift. 

After completing his studies at the Istanbul Medical School, he went to the United States to improve his skills and career. As a result, he worked with internationally renowned professionals such as Dr. Seth Thaller, Professor Christopher Salgado and Zubin Panthaki. Then he completed his thesis on PRP treatment which is widely used in the hair and aesthetic field until today. 

He passed several exams in Belgium and Thessaloniki and became a member of EBOPRAS. He actively participates in the annual meetings to share his knowledge and learn the latest techniques in plastic surgery. Thanks to his years of experience in Turkey and abroad, patients are very satisfied with his great communication skills. They also appreciate his natural results, regardless of the type of treatment performed:

- Rhinoplasty

- Hair transplant

- Face and neck lift

- Ear aesthetics

- Eyelid aesthetics

- Fat transfer

- Lip aesthetics

- Breast augmentation 

- Breast reduction

- Breast lift

- Gynecomastia

- Surgery for breast asymmetry

- Tummy tuck

- Buttock and leg lifts

- Liposuction

So if you're interested in Dr. Baran Kul's services, our expert consultants are always here to answer your questions and make the process easier. You can call us at any time for an appointment or online consultation. 


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Dr Baran Kul

Hair and aesthetic surgeon, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul. He worked at the University of Miami and the Atlanta Clinic in Georgia, USA. He is a member of EBOPRAS.

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