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Doctor B Clinic, with its strategic location in the beautiful city of Istanbul, fascinates those who choose Turkey for a beauty vacation. As it meets all medical, surgical and aesthetic needs, it becomes the number one brand in plastic and reconstructive treatments.

The clinic derives its name and reputation from the expertise and exceptional career of Dr. Bulent Cihantimur. He is a medical specialist in plastic surgery with more than 21 years of experience in the following branches:

·         Rhinoplasty

·         Non-surgical butt lift

·         Filling of dark circles

·         Body mesotherapy 

·         PRP injections 

·         Intimate surgery

·         Face lift

·         Lip filler

·         botox

He has a book called “Rejecting Aging” which tells readers how to protect beauty. In addition, he developed eight innovative techniques to which he attributed the name of Doctor D, namely:

·         Non-Operative Treatment of Induction Surgery

·         Cihantimur Fat Transfer System 

·         Prominent ear aesthetics

·         Cobweb aesthetics (name right and patent belong to Cihantimur)

·         Genital beautification (in 2014, he was awarded the international Bistouri d'Or in Monaco thanks to this technique)

·         Simple nose aesthetics

·         Biological hair transplant

·         Beauty of the legs

At Doctor B Clinic, care services, including cosmetic surgery, follow a reliable treatment process. The clinic's team is made up of qualified staff who strive to offer real added value to the services provided. In addition, it strives to develop relationships of trust with patients around the world. In this sense, it listens to needs and expectations to provide solutions based on modern techniques. 

Physicians like Dr. Bulent Cihantimur direct themselves diagnoses and treatments to develop personalized care plans. Then the nurses and aestheticians work closely with the surgeons to help achieve the desired result. The assistants are rather responsible for giving all the information required to fully understand the booking process.

To take advantage of all these advantages at exceptional rates, contact our customer service now. We accompany you to schedule an online consultation or to have an appointment at the clinic.


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Dr Bülent Cihantimur

Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery with more than 21 years of experience in rhinoplasty, hair transplant and intimate aesthetics. A graduate of the Faculty of Uludag, he speaks English and Turkish.

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