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DermaPlast is a Turkish private clinic, located in the city of Ankara and founded by Dr. Muttalip Keser. Thanks to his many years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, this specialist has become the number one choice for international patients who want to benefit from a quality hair transplant.

A graduate of the Ankara Medical School since 1991, the plastic surgeon is the first in Turkey to perform the FUE method. In the departments of the universities of Turkey and the United States, he designed the follicular unit extractor after 20 months of research. This tool is a self-designed by Dr. Keser and all his rights are exclusive to him. With these needles, the grafting process with the FUE technique is more efficient. Therefore, the results are natural and long lasting.

With thousands of satisfied patients worldwide, this specialist is considered one of the most successful FUE surgeons in the world. In fact, his reputation and popularity are mainly due to the quality of his work. 

His approach and that of his team to his visitors is based on comfort and hospitality. He helps them feel safe, comfortable and, above all, well served throughout the operation. In addition, he assures them that they will be treated with state-of-the-art equipment that is sterile and clean according to international standards.

In addition, Dr. Muttalip Keser is an easy-to-reach specialist for instructions on hair growth or for a post-operative check-up. Patients who have just had a hair transplant stay in touch with the clinic to monitor the status of their hair and to get the necessary assistance if needed.

So, if you are also interested, contact our customer service at MyTripMed now. Our advisors will respond quickly and make the process of getting an appointment at DermaPlast simple.


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Dr Abdul Keser

Specialist in cosmetic, plastic and hair surgery, including hair, beard and mustache transplant. Graduated from Ankara Faculty of Medicine, Turkey with 24 years of experience. Speaks English and Turkish.

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