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DentaAVENUE is a Turkish dental clinic co-founded by Dr. Beyza Yildiz and Dr. Melih Yildiz in 2018. The facility operates on the principle of providing accurate and long-lasting treatments for patients worldwide. 

For this purpose, all simple and complex general and cosmetic dentistry operations are available at low prices: 

- Invisalign treatment

- Dentures

- Implants 

- Crowns and bridges

- Periodontics

- Maxillofacial surgery

- Tooth whitening

These are meticulously performed in a luxurious and disciplinary setting. The treatment rooms are equipped with innovative and sterile material according to European hygiene standards. In addition, each treatment is carried out by doctors who are experts in their field and who provide modern and painless solutions.

That is why every year thousands of patients from all over the world are treated in the different branches of the clinic. In addition, panoramic X-rays and digital imaging are performed in-house in a modern and highly equipped center.

This is one of the most prestigious medical and dental institutions in the country. Its goal is to provide treatment solutions that focus on the satisfaction and well-being of the local or foreign patient. Listening to the needs and meeting the expectations in an individual way are the foundations of the doctor-patient relationship in this clinic.

The co-founders, Mr. and Mrs. Yildiz, are committed to offering the best price-quality ratio. Therefore, foreign visitors can make real savings on the desired treatments, without sacrificing the success of the result. They enjoy a pleasant stay, personalized care and go home with a beautiful and healthy smile.

To book your place there, you just need to rely on the experts at MyTripMed. Contact us by phone or email and ask us all your questions. Also, ask for your free quote to find out how much you can save on your next treatment in Turkey.


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Dr Melih Yildiz

Expert in aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey, since 2007. Co-founder of Dentavenue Polyclinic and member of Turkish Dental Association.

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Dr Beyza Yildiz

Dentist specialized in orthodontics and certified in Invisalign treatment. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey since 2016. Co-founder with her husband of Dentavenue polyclinic.

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