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Dental Arch is a multidisciplinary clinic located in Gurugram, India. Its quality treatments are carried out by specialists who ensure the oral well-being of patients of all ages. 

This brand is awarded for its absolute adherence to the sterilization protocol as per international standards. It is also ISO certified and voted the best service provider in the dental care category.

This is due to the excellent equipment it uses during treatment and pre-operative examinations. This includes intraoral scanners, dental laser and digital x-rays. As a result, all operations performed successfully achieve the patient's desired outcome. This is true regardless of the type of treatment, simple or complex:  

- Prostheses 

- Implants 

- Invisible braces

- Root canal treatment 

- Pediatric Dentistry

- Hollywood Smile

- Dental Extraction

- Laser Whitening

- Oral Cancer Screening 

The clinic's warm and friendly environment and the skills of its qualified doctors make the medical experience extraordinary. They are committed to providing the best treatment plan without pain or stress. As a result, patients always leave with a healthy and beautiful smile.

Among the most renowned experts at Dental Arch is laser dentistry and maxillofacial surgery specialist Dr. Goyal. With his experience and know-how, he provides high quality personalized care with the assistance of a hand-picked staff. Qualified and well-trained in the latest treatments available, the nurses provide the necessary assistance to the doctor and the patient. 

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