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Founded in 2013, Dentakademi is an ultra modern oral health polyclinic. It is the first of its kind in Istanbul, Turkey, having the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

The center caters to all the needs of local and international patients in a luxurious and comfortable setting. In addition, all dental specialties are available at competitive and affordable prices:

- Implantology

- Maxillofacial surgery

- Orthodontics

- Periodontics

- Pedodontics

- Dental prosthesis

- Tooth whitening

Dentakademim has fully sterile operating rooms equipped with the latest technology. It also has a sedation unit, 2 maxillofacial surgery units and a laboratory with 3D intraoral scanner and digital imaging. And, of course, the medical staff of 25 professional and qualified dentists, who provide effective treatment and know how to treat anxious patients with general anesthesia and sedation techniques.

The clinic also has a dedicated department for children's oral health. Pediatric dentists are committed to eliminating the problems of cavities, bad breath or gingivitis. Also, expert hygienists educate parents on the best practices to preserve the dental well-being of their children.

This is a place that guarantees you a permanent smile and the best welcome from a friendly staff. They listen to your needs from the moment you arrive, inform you and direct you to the appropriate department. This helps to strengthen the relationship with foreign visitors and to gain their trust and satisfaction. In addition, all treatments are modern and apply the latest advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

If you are interested in all these benefits, book your appointment at Dentakademi now directly on our website. With MyTripMed, you will find complete answers to your questions and get a free quote on your next treatment.


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Dr Oumur Arikan

Aesthetic dentist and co-founder of Dentakademi. Graduated from Gazi University, Turkey, with 2-year career. He has treated many patients from Germany, England and Saudi Arabia.

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Dr Ziya Seferli

Expert in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, in particular dental prostheses. Graduated from Kocaeli University, since 2019. Member of Turkish Association of Prosthodontics and Implantology.

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Dr Emra Ipek

Aesthetic dentist specializing in maxillofacial surgery and founding partner of Dentakademi. Graduated from Ankara University, Turkey with 15 years of experience. Active member of Turkish Dental Association (TDB).

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