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A modern and ergonomic clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, Cosmeticium offers high quality services provided by a team of very talented surgeons. 

With extensive experience in the medical field, this institution specializes in hair and plastic surgery with its various variations. It offers complete packages for beard, eyebrow and hair transplants with the FUE and DHI methods. This is also true for dental operations, rhinoplasty, breast implants, facelift, obesity treatment and laser eye surgery.

All of these services are based primarily on patient satisfaction and meeting their needs. Therefore, all our staff is committed to providing the best services and using the most advanced techniques for greater comfort. Even after the operations, the patient is given a full follow-up to ensure the effectiveness of the result or if further assistance is needed.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Cosmeticium is one of the most reputable private clinics in the world for its reliability and low rates. In fact, it has been awarded several times by global organizations for the quality of its treatment and stay for foreign patients (5 stars).

Thanks to its trained and certified medical staff, it always manages to achieve successful results in hair transplant. This does not only involve the skills of its professional staff, but also the use of state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, all operations are performed in fully equipped, internationally accredited treatment rooms. This ensures that every step of the operation is performed to the highest standards.

For the prices offered in the context of medical tourism, the foreign patient receives considerable discounts. This could be up to less than 70% on the treatment packages applied in England or the United States. 

Request your free quote now, this is the ideal choice to regain your well-being and enjoy a luxurious stay in Istanbul.


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Dr Çağlar Fırat Armağan

Aesthetic doctor specializing in FUE and DHI hair transplant, with experience in the United States and Brazil. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey. Speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr Barış Carıllı

Hair surgeon specializing in hair and beard transplant. A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey, he has performed more than 1250 operations. Speaks English and Turkish.

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Dr Batuhan Kurtoğlu

Hair surgeon specializing in hair transplant with 8 years of experience in Malta and Germany. Graduated from Istanbul Medical School, Turkey. Speaks English and Turkish.

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